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Spells in Shadows

Exploring the dark side of Loveless

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Name:Spells In Shadows
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A community for discussion of the less explored side of Loveless, and the feelings it brings up in the shadow-sides of ourselves. If you're looking for a place to discuss the wonder and beauty of magical bonds, names and spells; the transgressive nature of the series and how it's powerful; or the idea that maybe Soubi is fine just the way he is... then you'll probably like it here.


This community encourages frank discussion and honest exploration of many controversial issues that arise in Loveless, including some that may be triggering for those with histories of abuse. In particular, the moderators here tend to be more, rather than less:

* supportive of Soubi's submission and desire for someone to master him
* supportive of the fighter-sacrifice bond
* resistant to pathologising people
* open to questioning all manner of social taboos.

If this makes you uncomfortable or you aren't willing to respect the unflinching nature of this space, this is not the community for you. Those with opposing views are welcome to watch, learn and discuss with respect; we're open to reasonable argument and challenge and our opinions are not absolute. However, we won't accept harassment.

For a safer space, visit [ profile] lovelessdiscuss, which discusses the series from a more psychological standpoint.


Various Loveless RP muses also talk here and give their thoughts on the series from their perspective. Don't be alarmed by them. Though this is not an RP community, feel free to bring your own muses along to the party.

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